Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Daily Grind

For some reason this blog has been really hard.  Maybe it’s cuz I prefer to tell stories and not off load information.  Well I’ll try my best to let you all know about my daily grind in a interesting way; although I’m not promising anything.

OK so I've really been falling into a pretty nice little schedule here.  It's really awesome to have a day to day routine.  To have work to do.  Something to look forward to.  Speaking of which I am coming home from Nov 17th through Dec 8th.

I can't say seeing my family or Shannon & Sophie doesn't play into it (it may even be the main reason).  I also want to be out of Haiti for their election on November 28th.  

Who here likes bullets?  I do I do I do.  So guess what you get a table (bwahahahahaha).

6 am
Play with orphans before they go to school!
Work Time
9 ish
Go shower (the sun has finally heated up the water!)
9:30 ish
Work Time
English lesson with nuns
Work Time
Lesson with T-Jack
5:00 (sometimes)
Walk around the local area!!!
Go play with kids again!!!!!!!!!
8:15 – sleep
Free Time (Sometimes Lessons With T-Jack)

When I say work time I’m usually doing one of the following:
  • ·         Working on the database,
  • ·         Talking to Aaron about the database,
  • ·         Planning a lesson,
  • ·         Blogging (try to keep this down cuz I don’t really consider it work),
  • ·         Washing clothes by hand, or
  • ·         On rare occasions I take a nap (who said volunteering doesn’t have it’s perks)

This is obviously a weekday.  On the weekends I try to work on the database and play with the girls without interruption from my lessons.  On Sundays they have Oratory which is where I get to know some of the local kids.  I’ve got to write a blog specifically about that.

The main reason I’ve written a boring post like this is to show you all I’m having a really good time right now.  It’s changed a lot since the first day here.  But my project has short term benefits with long term implications.

Simply put I’ve got a goal.  Everyone knows I’m a planner (albeit a flaky one:).  So having long term plans makes me really happy.  My day to day work is also really freaking fun.  The girls crack me up and honestly the need a couple good male role models.  Not sure where they are going to get that!?!

OK OK I'm going to start working on an oratory story.  That's always more fun.  

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