Sunday, October 23, 2011


Ok so this week I got my first bout of amoebas.  I can't say that they were the worst experience of my life.  Hands down that award goes to a little friend I'd like to call Salmonella followed closely by a concussion.

However, as far as being able to blog they definitely take the bite out of ambition.  So I'll be terse (I hope that word means what I think it does).  Anyway, I'm just going to sum this Shizzle up really quick.

This week Carmen left.  It was super sad and I'm going to miss her like crazy.  She became like a brother to me and was really there for me when it came to the important things down here.  As a perk I got her room which has a freaking hot water heater and refrigerator...  I'm being spoiled down here now.

Ok then on Wednesday I locked myself out of my room and the man with the spare keys (Padre (the priest)) is out of town on Wednesdays. So after trying out my ninja lock opening skills I slept in the dinning room of Padre's House with my arms wrapped around my backpack hoping it would magically protect me from the swarm of mosquitoes.  I also ganked a sheet which is almost as good as the backpack.

Wednesday was pretty cool cuz I did get to play baseball with some of my kids which was AWESOME. Yes I'm going to use AWESOME instead of going into intimate details because I'm sick!

Thursday I got checked out and found out I had a blood infection (WTF) and amoebas.  If you wanna know what amoebas do then google it.  I'll give you a hint tho, Stomach pain, fever, nausea, dizziness, another d word, diarrhea, and muscle soreness.

It sucks but if I can get outta bed it's not that bad right?

Anyway, I'm up I'm about.  I'm going to teach tomorrow.  I'm going to take some meds tonight, but I really don't have the mental capability to focus on this any longer so I bid you good night and I'll try to have a wholly satisfying blog up some time when I'm feeling better.

Goodnight my friends,