Saturday, September 3, 2011

Nothing like dropping a deuce.

Really is there anything better than dropping a deuce?  I know it’s crude to say, but honestly, we all do it!  Everyone gives the act their own flare, whether it be how we name it, where they’ll do it, if they have to Shower afterwards, or if we leave the door open so as not to miss American Idol. 

For Obvious Reasons I didn't take a picture of the child pooping.. But there is poop on my leg in this pic...
In some ways pooping is a better equalizer than guns.  Nothing says wow he’s a human being too, like sharing the bathroom with your boss.  Most importantly, no matter whom you are your crap stinks.

Quick Story, I was out visiting one of our communities (Virgin De Guadalupe), and I saw the most epic event of my life.  Seriously though this is going to move you, I was preparing our games for the day, bringing out some balls and jump ropes when I look over at the house bordering the school.  In the yard a little boy is squatting over (in his front yard) taking a tird.  I crap you not, in his front yard.  No he wasn’t using an outhouse, no he wasn’t behind a bush (which they have here). 

Just a shot of a normal House in Bolivia, mud and twigs.
This very much relates to something I’ve been working on here in Bolivia, my ego.  I’m a cocky son of a gun sometimes.  I’m arrogant and proud; to the point where I correct people even if I’m not 100% sure I know the answer.  Great qualities for an A-hole like Donald Trump, but a volunteer needs to be humble and kind.

A big trial for me is that I’m an educated American in a 3rd world country.  I know how things work without reading the manual and can read the labels on just about everything (cuz it’s in English).  The worst part is that everyone turns to me if it has a power switch…  This has all lead to a few episodes of supreme cockiness. 

So here’s the problem, you have a DVD player that doesn’t work with a TV and a windstorm has knocked down an external antenna.  The antenna and DVD player are in no way connected to each other.  Here is the twist, the local electrician (I use that term very loosely) came and did some work after the storm and apparently this rocket scientist told the sisters that the antenna that fell outside was affecting their dvd player…  What do you do?

Well, I went to town trying to fix the problem.  I mean c’mon I freaking ROCK at plugging yellow into yellow, red into… well you get it every American has done this once or twice.  Added twist! So as I’m trying to fix this problem the Nun, God Bless Her Technologically Challenged Soul, tried to convince me that it wouldn’t work because of the antenna.  Then the Internas (boarding kids) tried to help me by telling me to change the input to AV2 (first thing I did was plug said DVD player into AV1).  With so much help how could anything down here ever be broken? 

I ranted, I yelled, I was frustrated, but in the end I found the problem and, more importantly, convinced the nuns I knew what I was talking about.  The only problem in this situation is that I let my ego get out of control.  I felt superior because of two things: 1) my neighbors don’t have human feces in their yards and 2) I knew that even the most technologically challenged American could handle that situation.

But we all know that isn’t true.  My brother used to work at Nintendo helping people who didn’t know how to plug in their Wii.  Honest to Goodness Doctors who couldn’t fix this problem and then you get two people looking down on each other.

I guess this is something that I’ve still got to work on, because I’m not better than that kid.  If I didn’t have another place to poop or if I didn’t know any better I can guarantee you something.  I’d drop a load wherever I wanted to. 

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