Friday, July 15, 2011

Being Home

Hey all,

Well this isn't going to be an exciting post.  I've been in the states for a few weeks now.  I came home to get my visa information squared away.

Basically what happened is that Bolivia will ONLY let you apply for a visa if you are in the states.  That means if I want to volunteer I have to wait here for the required "1 month" while they process my visa.

So I was curious about where I was in the visa process and decided to call and ask.  This is how it went.

Me:  Hola Hablas Ingles (Hi do you speak English)
Consulate person:  No
Me: Quero Conocer donde mi visa es. (I want to know where my Visa is)
Consulate person: Mister you have to call back at 3:00 (in english)
Me:  Don't you close at three????
Consulate person: Yes! (And they hung up)

If there is one thing in this world I hate more than our government it is the government in other countries!  So what does that mean?  Well I've got to change my ticket so that I'm in the states for another two weeks.  Yup, two freaking weeks and $200 because they are slow...

At least I'm not wasting my time here.  I've been "helping" around my parents shop by engineering a few work a rounds for their accounting system.

Alright I'm going to jet and try to write a better blog than that for next time.


  1. Hey Eric,

    That's a great phone call. (All sarcasm intended.) At least it was funny.

    Best of luck with the visa application. Bureaucracies can be really frustrating, especially for foreign countries' embassies whose employees think they're all that while the average Joe or Josephine is just trying to get into the country to help out or spend some tourist dollars. What's up with that, eh?


  2. Ha I was just looking at your blog!!! Hehe It's funny how better internet makes it easier to catch up on what I missed since we parted in Haiti!